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Can you remember the last ad you saw? We’re bombarded with so much messaging that most of it turns into white noise. Ineffective messaging costs you money and opportunity. We’re here to make you stand out. We craft messages that capture your customer's attention so you can grow your business and accomplish your goals. Contact us today for a free consultation!

We meet our Clients' needs no matter the budget

Premium quality videos starting at $2,995

Multi-video packages starting at $700 / video

Our Services


You are unique. Your company is unique. Your goals are unique. You should have a marketing strategy and messaging that’s unique as well. With our clients, we start at ground zero and we build strategies and messaging with the end in mind. Everything we do drives toward meeting your marketing goals and objectives. From there, we develop memorable and high-impact ways to get you there as efficiently as possible.


Messages without content won’t get you very far. Conversely, messages with outstanding and memorable content help you get your messages out there, making them more effective at grabbing people's attention. Graphic design, web design, written materials, we've got you covered. We create, design and bring your messages to life with incredible content.


Video is a critical part of any marketing strategy and its one of the best ways to deliver a compelling message. As a full-service production house, we ensure that your vision is captured perfectly to meet your goals. Whether you need commercials, client testimonials, product launches, product demos, training and educational videos, we do it all.



Our Story

In 1994, we were handed down an old VHS camcorder and a box of blank tapes. We started filming anything and everything. Soon our silly pranks gave way to skits and short films. From that point on, we were hooked on stories; they fascinated us, they called to us. Over the years we’ve studied, written, re-written, sold, slaved over, thrown out, and celebrated stories. For us, storytelling is not just what we do; it’s who we are. With over 30 years of creative writing experience, we live to tell stories. As we grew, we realized the power that stories wield. Stories can do so much more than entertain. Stories connect, inspire, and motivate people, and we set out to do just that. We created Running Robot to empower you to do more, to enact more change and impact in the world, be it in your business, for your personal growth, or so you can help others.

Our Team

We have assembled an incredible group of talented and integrity-driven individuals. Our team is comprised of Marketers, Fundraisers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Writers, Cinematographers, Directors, and Editors; all of whom are motivated by pushing society forward by helping you and your organization accomplish more.

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Jan 0

Marketing lesson from Google commercials

I like commercials. Oh sure, given the option, I still fast forward through them, but a lot of times I can’t because I’m streaming shows or sporting events (go sports team, score the points!). And when the same commercials aren’t repeated ad nauseum (I’m looking at you ESPN app. And Fox… and Comedy Central… and […]

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Oct 0

What the 2016 election teaches us about being positive

I don’t know about you, but positive vibes have seemed rare these past few weeks. I’ve been feeling a lot of negativity and I know exactly why. It’s the dumpster fire that has since spread to adjacent buildings and now threatens the entire neighborhood that we call the 2016 Presidential election. Somehow it’s supposed to […]

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